Sustainability - Barossa Farmers Market

Sustainability at the Barossa Farmers Market

At the Barossa Farmers market, we are very passionate about protecting our environment and operating in the most sustainable way possible. We are continually working on ways that we can make changes for the better, that will help protect the environment we live in, reduce our impacts on climate change, and offer products that enhance the natural environment while using sustainable packaging that prevents food waste.

By shopping at your local farmers market, you are reducing your environmental footprint by:

– Reducing your food miles
Shopping locally from locals, means that the food has not travelled far for sale, reducing the carbon emissions emitted through transportation

– Plastic free shopping
By shopping at Barossa Farmers Market, you are able to do a plastic free shop. Just remember to bring those produce bags and market baskets! Not all of our stallholders are plastic free. Some need to use plastic to ensure food safety standards and to reduce food waste by maintaining shelf life. We encourage you to ask each stallholder about their packaging for more information. 

– Sustainable production
Many of our stallholders use sustainable farming and production methods. Please chat to each stallholder to hear about how they produce their products.

-Fresh and Seasonal
The produce that is available at the market is picked as fresh as possible and usually during the week prior to the Saturday morning market. Because this produce is so fresh and is in season, it means it not only tastes good, but it will last so much longer in your refrigerator. This means there is less chance of food spoilage and food waste (Every year Australians throw away almost 300kgs of food per person, which equals to 5% of Australia’s total GHG emissions)

Our market is not perfect yet, but we are actively working on it! Read below on ways that we are reducing our impact.


How are we actively increasing our sustainability?

–  We encourage all of our stallholders to use the most sustainable packaging possible that is environmentally friendly and uses sustainable materials, which enables it to be a part of the a part of a circular economy and prevents food waste (

– Currently our stallholders use 100% compostable taster utensils and compostable or recyclable ready-to-eat food packaging.

– In the last 3 years we have reduced our landfill by at least 50%

– We have invested in an industrial composter (a BiobiN), which all of our compostable waste items go into. This includes your leftover food, coffee cups, lids, compostable ready-to-eat food packaging, and any utensil involved with tasters of stallholder products. So please ensure you put these in a green bin when you are visiting our market. Keep cups are also encouraged unless in the height of COVID-19 outbreaks

-We encourage plastic free shopping. If a stallholder does not offer this option, kindly ask if they are able too. Some may not be able too due to food safety risks or to prevent food spoilage.

We are continually working on ways to improve our sustainability and welcome any feedback.