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Wiech’s Barossa Valley Egg Noodles

Wiech’s Egg Noodles have a special place in Barossa Valley history and have been in South Australian homes since 1935. These traditional German egg noodles have always been hand-made in Tanunda using local eggs and Laucke Flour.

Wiech’s still use the same recipes Marie Wiech (the original chef) first used when she started making the noodles for her friends and family. When her husband Jakob was marched off to a German internment camp in the early 1940’s (due to increased anti-German sentiment) Marie knew she had to provide for her family. From then on, the business grew, and these much-loved noodles can now be found throughout Australia. You can find the full range at the Barossa Farmers Market including Traditional, Organic and Spelt Egg Noodles.


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Wiechs Barossa Valley Egg Noodles
Wiechs Barossa Valley Egg Noodles

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