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Trevallie Orchard

Trevallie Orchard is a family-owned and operated orchard steeped in history. Located in Angaston, they are the only remaining commercial orchard in the Barossa which was originally famous for growing fruit, not just grapes! They are a Saturday market staple, and a well-known Barossa brand.

They specialise in award-winning, handpicked fresh and dried fruit. Each week they bring an abundance of fresh, crisp apples, juicy pears and other seasonal fruit such as apricots and peaches.


0476 800 631

Trevallie Orchard - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder
Trevallie Orchard - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder
Trevallie Orchard

Meet Trevallie Orchards 

Who: Sheralee or occasionally it might be our other team member, Breanna

Where are you based? Trevallie Orchards is in Angaston, on the corner of Hurns and Eden Valley Roads

A little history: That’s a very good question…’s a very, very old orchard. Probably first established in the late 1800’s. Trevallie Orchards have been trading at the market since the beginning, however the brand changed ownership about 15 years ago.

What products do you sell? Fresh apples, pears and stone fruit. Traditional sun dried apricots and pears.

What are your most popular products? New season apples!!! Everyone loves the freshly picked Royal Gala and Pink Lady apples.

How did you come to be a producer? The orchard has been a well-known local producer for many generations, it’s a beautiful story of continuity that the fruit is still available to locals through the market.

Who/what inspires you? The customers! It’s so great to see regular faces each week and chat about what they’ve been up to.

What are you personally most well known for? Best known for my R.B.F! Although, maybe don’t put that in the write up…..

Do you have a favourite recipe utilising your products/produce that you would like to share with us? Apple pie!!! Served with Barossa Valley Ice Cream or Jersey Fresh cream. Double winning

Could you share something interesting about Trevallie Orchards? Corella Pears were first commercially propagated in the Barossa and Trevallie is the only orchard still growing this beautiful fruit. Heritage trees produce full flavoured fruit, we promise they taste great.

What is your favourite story from a customer about how they use your products/produce? I love seeing kids choose their own fruit – because then you know it’s going to be eaten. Especially when we see those kids come back every week knowing which variety is their favourite! 

What advice do you share with your customers about your produce? The history of the orchard and why it is important to look past the marks and bumps of imperfect fruit – less spray means more marks, but results in a much better flavour, and is so much better for our environment. 

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