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The Dairyman

The Dairyman is an authentic traditional mixed farm based in the Barossa. Michael’s way of farming is firmly routed in history, practising tried and tested farming methods that produce outstanding results.

His products include cream, pork, bacon, ham, veal, milk and butter from pasture-raised animals treated with the utmost respect.
Ask early enough, and he can slice the bacon to your desired thickness!

The Dairyman’s award-winning butter is a rich golden colour and so good you may find yourself eating it in many of the Barossa’s restaurants!


0414 851 812

The Dairyman - Barossa Farmers Market
Fenton Farm Fresh - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder
The Dairyman - Barossa Farmers Market

Meet The Dairyman

Who: Michael Wohlstadt

Where are you based? Lyndoch, at the foothills of the Barossa Ranges

A little history: I always dreamed of becoming a dairy farmer so at the age of 23 I purchased a 32 Ha sheep property and started the transition to a mixed farm in the style of conventional, old school farming practices that I learnt growing up in the Mid-North, South Australia. All the animals on the farm, the cows and pigs are free range and grass fed. Some of the calves are a bit more than free range as they enjoy trips to the beach and the park!

What products do you sell? Butter, cream, buttermilk, pork, bacon, ham, sausages milk veal, mettwurst, oyster mushrooms, chilli almonds.

What are your most popular products/produce? All of them!

How did you come to be a farmer and producer? It was always a childhood ambition to become a farmer.


Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business? I did

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? John and Jan Angas, and Alison Short

Who/what inspires you? Achieving excellence is a great personal driver.

What are you personally most well known for? Outstanding customer service.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with us? My favourite is roast scotch fillet, pasta mushrooms in cream and Italian mince pasta passata with basil leaves! 

Could you share something interesting about your business and products? Our cows live to more than twice the age of commercial dairy cows in Australia – 10-14yrs compared to 4-5yrs. This is because we are intimately in touch with them, their health and well being. They also enjoy a low stress life. Our products are sought after by chefs, and our small goods are known for their exceptional flavour and texture. 

What advice do you share with your customers? Do not overcook the meat, pink juices then let it rest. 


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