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Seasonal Pantry by Pina

Pina is back with a new and improved product range! Seasonal Pantry by Pina offers the products we know and love, such as dehydrated fruit slices, granola and fruit leathers, plus dehydrated sourdough starters, chocolate fruit logs, jams and her delectable chocolate chip cookies.

Pina’s fruit comes from various sources, including blood oranges from the Jacob’s Creek Retreat garden, strawberries from the Adelaide Hills and citrus from her garden!


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Carmellas Barossa Made - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder
Carmellas Barossa Made
Carmellas Barossa Made - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder

Meet Seasonal Pantry by Pina

Who:  Pina Mollet and sometimes her husband – more commonly known as Keith the electrician.

Where are you based? Shea-oak Log

A little history: I used to have the sandwich shop in Tanunda main street. Dried products was an easy choice as it was something I made anyway to accommodate my husbands food allergies.  

What products do you sell? Dehydrated fruits, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fruit logs, fruit leathers, the best granola ever and whole dehydrated fruit powders.

What are your most popular products? Dehydrated fruit, chocolate chip cookies and fruit leathers.

How did you come to be a producer? We started because my husband has allergies to sulfites in food. We found some dehydrated products had sprays and or sulfites on them, which he could not have, hence Deliciously Dehydrated began. We use locally grown fruit with no sulfites or preservatives.

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business? My family….Keith and my 2 grown up children, Luke and Georgi.

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder?  The lovely Lisa Werner from Jersey Fresh and my family.

Who/what inspires you?  My mum Gina was an amazing cook, sadly she passed away 14yrs ago, but she has always inspired me – her love of food, her work ethic and the challenges she faced during her battle with cancer. She will always inspire me to do my best to make her proud!

What are you personally most well known for? My love of life and the way I encourage others.

How do you celebrate your success? Definitely a happy dance!

Do you have a favourite recipe utilising your products, that you could share with us? My green tea hot toddy with dehydrated citrus and a cinnamon stick.

What is your favourite story from a customer about how they use your products? Fruit leathers are definitely used a lot by my customers to get them through a 3pm hump in their day!

What education and/or advice do you share with your customers about your products? I like to tell them where my fruits are from, locally, and the process used to dehydrate them Some people love to chat about their experience dehydrating and I love to give some advice where I can.

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