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HERBacious – Indigenous Edible Plants

Ann-Marie and Cameron pride themselves on the quality of their indigenous edible, ornamental and medicinal plans. These hardy, low maintenance plants include endemic botannical delights such as: 

Warrigal greens, old mans beard, prostrate saltbush, blueberry lily, fragrant saltbush, chocolate lily, native celery, creeping saltbush, sweet appleberry, Kakarlla, old mans saltbush, round moonflower, native parsley, yellow garland lily, muntries, coast saltbush, scented lemongrass, ruby saltbush, native thyme and green mintbush, to mention but a few!

Many of these plants will continue to grow well in containers whilst some perform better when planted directly into your garden. Some produce scrumptious berries and fruits while others offer eye catching flowers. The leaves and fingers of many have components that can be drunk, eaten raw, sautéed, stir fried or roasted.

Most are frost tolerant to minus 5 degrees C and are drought resistant, but all have edible components whether culinary or for medicinal purposes. 

Ann-Marie and Cameron have a wealth of knowledge on how to use these plants to enhance your lifestyle be it cooking or improving your garden!


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Fenton Farm Fresh - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder
Fenton Farm Fresh - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder

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