Gully Gardens

Gully Gardens has a long history of fruit growing in the Barossa Valley, stretching back over 55 years. With a passion for traditional flavours and modern twists, their products include dried fruits, sweet treats and chocolate dipped fruit direct from their farm in Angaston.

Gully Gardens, with over 55 years of fruit growing history in the Barossa Valley, brings their passion for traditional flavours and modern twists to Barossa Farmers Market.

At their farm in Angaston, they create a range of products including dried fruits, sweet treats, and chocolate dipped fruit. Visitors can expect top-notch quality produce and a warm, friendly welcome.



08 8564 2606

Gully Gardens - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder
Gully Gardens
Gully Gardens - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder

Meet Gully Gardens

Who:  Mostly it’s me, Rick, and my mum, Marlene and sometimes Janine who is a team member.

Where are you based? Angaston

A little history? The Steicke family have owned Gully Gardens since 2006.  We became stallholders in 2007, at Easter time. Gully Gardens was created to enable us to provide paddock to plate products that everyone has grown up loving but are becoming harder to find.

What products do you sell? Dried fruits, confectionary from our own dried fruit products such as fruit logs and chocolate dipped fruit, and fresh seasonal fruit.

What are your most popular products? Currently the favourite is chocolate dipped apricots, but everything we make is popular!

How did you come to be a farmers/producer? I was born into it, with a family history of 55yrs growing fruit, I was always going to be a fruit farmer!

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business? The Ellis family and Margaret Lehmann.

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? It may have been Margaret Lehmann.

Who/what inspires you? An old uncle and Aunt who owned a fruit and citrus orchard.

What are you personally most well known for? My friendly nature and the ability to talk to anyone.

How do you celebrate your success?  Proving to Angas Park that they were wrong! 

Could you share something interesting about your business and products?  We use traditional methods. All our products are hand made with love – we grow, pick, dry, store, wash, grade and create all our products.

What advice do you share with your customers about your products? I like to tell customers a bit about Gully Gardens, sharing that everything you see in front of you has been grown here in Angaston by the Steicke family.   

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