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Domain Day

Domain Day is recognised for its premium vinegars and vino cotto. Robin’s experience as a vintner enables him to create truly great products at his vineyard in Mount Crawford. This vineyard is reputed to be the highest altitude vineyard in the Barossa, at 450 metres above sea level, he may just be right.

The location of the vineyard provides the perfect temperatures, giving his grapes an improved flavour for a superior product. Robin’s products include vino cotto, white wine, red wine and balsamic vinegar, the perfect pantry staple. He has also just introduced figs in a sticky balsamic glaze and has plans to launch more products soon! 


0419 820 832

Domain Day - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder
Domain Day - produce
Domain Day - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder

Meet Domain Day

Who: Robin Day

Where are you based? Williamstown and Mount Crawford

A little history:  Robin established his own wine label in 1989 and was based in Williamstown in the iconic chateau on William Street, until he decided to retire from the wine making business and concentrate on his vinegars.

What products do you sell? Balsamic vinegars – red and white, balsamic glaze, vino cotto and Drowning Sauce.

What are you most popular products? My vino cotto and balsamic glaze.

How did you become a producer? I was a winemaker from 1973 onwards and planted a vineyard in 1999

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business? That’s a long story, and best left for when we have more time!

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? My chef son.

Who/what inspires you? I am inspired by repeat purchases from satisfied customers.

What are you personally most well known for?  Wearing a red beret! Anecdotes and jokes shared with customers as I like to establish a connection, which leads to a sale!

How do you celebrate your success? I like to sit back with a good glass of Barossa red.

Could you share something interesting about your business and products? I make artisan vinegars and vino cotto with flavour!

What advice do you share with your customer about your products? Every customer is ‘subjected” to my narrative on product use and all are given a recipe sheet that details how to use my products. I also like to encourage customers to taste my products.

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