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Collett and Miels

Collett and Miels, formerly known as Plants in Barrows, are now situated in Younghusband in the Riverland, where Paul cultivates vegetable seedlings, herbs, and natives to sell at Barossa Farmers Market.

Marie is the genius behind their passata, crafted from a cherished Italian family recipe. The tomatoes are roasted and processed to capture the essence of summertime. Marie also creates a delightful range of jellies, preserves, and low sugar jam. And for those seeking refreshment, choose from 9 enticing flavours of homemade kombucha in the fridge, including passionfruit, Buddha’s hand, and strawberry. 


0418 809 916

Meet Collett and Miels

Who:  Paul & Marie Collett

Where are you based? At Younghusband, near Mannum

A little history: We used to own the largest plant nursery in Australia, though now I specialise in plant seedlings to enhance your garden or veggie patch!  Marie is the cook in the family, using traditional techniques to create a range of chutneys, and preserves. 

What products do you sell? Passata, jellies, relish, sauces, kombucha and plants. 

What are you most popular products? It really depends on the week and whether there are lots of locals or tourists who visit the market, tourists tend to like to take home a jar of chutney. 

How did you come to be a producer? We have been been growing plants for 45 years and making products for 10 years, its was a natural progression. 

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your market business? Many close friends in the food industry thought it would be a good idea.

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? A good friend, John Lamb

Who/what inspires you? We are inspired to produce the best we can using seasonal produce.

What are you personally most well known for? All of the above plus our passata, relishes and plant advice.

How do you celebrate your success?  With a glass of wine!

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with us? Yes, it’s slow poached chicken with king prawns and mustard fruits.

What is your favourite story, from a customer about how they use your products? Our favourite stories are from people coming back and telling us how our food flavours made them recall food memories. 

What education and/or advice do you share with customers about your products? You can talk through dietary issues with customers, helping them to learn about our low sugar jams and preserves or our kombucha.  

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