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Barossa Gold

Barossa Gold is a family run olive orchard in the Cockatoo Valley. They grow 10 variety of olives, including a variant that was created on the property!

Their premium extra virgin olive oil and table olivers marinated with garlic, chilli or oregano are a must!  Fancy trying olive leaf tea? Then look no further than Barossa Gold!


0437 713 992

Carmellas Barossa Made - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder
Carmellas Barossa Made
Carmellas Barossa Made - Barossa Farmers Market Stallholder

Meet Barossa Gold

Who? Michael 

Where are you based? Cockatoo Valley 

A little history: A family owned olive grove that was established in the Barossa in 1998. A new generation took over the reigns in 2021 and it became Barossa Gold. Growing recognised varieties and their own cultivars, they produce premium extra virgin olive oil and table olives. 

What products do you sell?  Premium extra virgin olive oil, table olives and olive tree products such as olive wood chips, bark and sawdust to create the perfect smokey flavour in your smoker. 

What are you most popular products? Extra virgin olive oil in 2.5L and 500ml plus olive leaf tea. 

How did you come to be a farmers and/or producer? I purchased a family owned olive grove in 2021. 

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business? It was as a result of a family retirement

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? I did, it was all my own work!

Who/what inspires you? Cobram Estate, olive oil company and the Mediterranean lifestyle and food!

What are you personally most well known for? I can be a little eccentric

How do you celebrate your success? Acknowledgement of, amplification of, and achievement of – usually with a good, aged Barossa port!

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with us? My favourite is Pasta Simplifico; al dente fettucine, tossed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and pecorino.

Could you share something interesting about your business and produce? Firstly, it is a Barossa Valley product, we have 10 varietals of olives, we are a small scale, premium producer with a great deal of control over growing conditions, harvesting and processing. Secondly, we use all of the products and by products (including wood – smoke food; leaves for teas; bark for food flavourings; and Barossa spring water). Thirdly, we have garlic and multiple fruit trees (fig, quince, apricot, peach and grape varieties) from which we get fruit for the making of fruit molasses, fruit leaf teas, chocolate covered fruits and fruit chocolates.

What is your favourite story from a customer about how they used your products? One customer, so enthusiastic for the professional quality of our products has purchased 6 x 2.5L tins of olive oil each week for the last 4 weeks! Completely out of the blue!!

What advice do you share with your customers about your products? The quality, organic, sustainable and diversity of our products and the wonderful butter taste of our extra virgin olive oil!

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