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Barossa Bagels

Barossa Bagels originates from Tanunda, where Esther and Davon have been making up to 24 different types of bagels for over 4 years!  Their handcrafted bagels are made using an old family recipe that has been perfected over time to enable them to create savoury, sweet and gluten free bagels.

Their bagels are a popular addition to the market with flavours such as salted dark chocolate, cheese and jalapeno and rainbow. If you are more of a traditionalist they also have blueberry, poppy seed and plain available.

Each Saturday they also offer toasted bagels with a variety of flavours, perfect for your breakfast, brunch or lunch!


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Barossa Bagels
Barossa Bagels
Barossa Bagels
Barossa Bagels

Meet Barossa Bagels

Who: Esther & Davon Barnett, a sometimes our daughter Anna or family friend Amy (Spoon & Spatula)

Where are you based? Nuriootpa

A little history: I established Barossa Bagels in 2017. However, I started out as Delight Full, producing gluten free cakes, breads, quiches, cheesecakes and sausage rolls with my father. Dad and I did this for 5 years with a good following, but when an opportunity arose that was too good to miss, I became the Barossa Farmers Market Manager. A role that I did for two and a half years. During this time, Eleni was approached by Ryan of Fleur Social fame to make bagels and passed on my details, and Barossa Bagels was born. I had dabbled with bagels during the Delight Full period, but they didn’t take off. After my tenure as the market manager, Barossa Bagels became less of a side hustle, and more of a permanent fixture for our family’s future.

What products do you sell? Hand rolled, boiled, and baked bagels, using traditional methods to make a variety of flavours. Occasionally we sell bagel chips, when there are left over bagels. Gluten free bagels are also a big seller for us, taking up a quarter of our market offerings! We also sell hot, toasted bagels, that we toast at the market and serve with 3 mouth watering schmears (Yiddish for cream cheese spread) and a vegan option. 90% of the products used in the schmears, come directly from other BFM stallholders. All our bagels are vegan (except for the ones with cheese) and are nut free. Our gluten free bagels are soy and chickpea free.

What are your most popular products? All the savoury flavours – jalapeno and cheese; onion, garlic and cheese and the ever popular Everything bagel! Gluten free bagels have a life of their own and are sought after for those who are looking for a coeliac friendly option.

How did you come to be a producer? Eleni, Barossa Handmade. My father introduced me to Eleni a little while after we moved to the Valley. Eleni was looking for someone to help her bake for the market. After some time with Eleni, a spot opened up for a new stall and she suggested that I should bake and sell my own products at the market.

Who encouraged and supported  you to take the leap to start your business? ? Eleni gave me the initial push, but it was my dad who really got behind me at the time, as it gave him something to do as well. Dad was a big support and always in my corner.  My fabulous husband, Davon, would be my #1 support, as he has been instrumental in helping me to set up and grow Barossa Bagels to a full blown business. Davon is my logistics coordinator, delivery man, bagel slicer and all round emotional support person!

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder? Again, it was Eleni. I didn’t really know anyone in the Valley when we moved here, except for my folks and a couple of people in Blond where I worked for a while. I think, it was more my drive to do something for myself that encouraged me to push forward.

Who/what inspires you? Back when I was known as Delight Full, it was Ottolenghi, Donna Hay and Nigella Lawson. Now it’s pretty much all the bagel shops that I follow on Instagram. I still look to those Delight Full days though, for inspiration on flavours.

What are you personally most well known for? Quick and friendly service. We like to have a laugh with our customer and our fellow stallholders too. ‘A bagel and a show’ is our motto! Perhaps my laugh or cackle, depending on what is funny at the time.

How do you celebrate your success? I don’t really have time to celebrate, but I am always floored when someone approaches me to supply them with our bagels.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with us? Not a recipe, but my husband loves a plain bagel that’s been toasted, buttered and then he piles spaghetti and meat sauce on top! My daughters favourite is vegemite and cheese with butter and of course, extra cheese.

Could you share something interesting about your business and produce? I like to throw all the flavours into the bagel dough, traditionally the flavours are outside only.  Most bagels are machine made, but ours are handmade, which takes time and lots of practice! My bagels do not look smooth or polished for this reason. I also twist them, so they have character, no two are the same and they remind me of the vines that surround us in the Valley.

What is your favourite story from a customer about how they use your products? We had one customer tell us they cut their bagels in half to freeze, because no one wants to spend a morning in Accident & Emergency with a frozen bagel injury. We have been forever grateful to that customer, and we have shared that nugget with our customers ever since

What advice do you share with your customers about your products? Slicing one’s bagel before freezing. Toasting our bagels before eating is very important, our bagels are good fresh, but everything is better toasted! Do not microwave to defrost! This is a cardinal sin, we recommend that the bagels go into the toaster frozen.

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