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Adelaide Hills Berry Farm

Adelaide Hills Berry Farm have been growing strawberries and raspberries in the Adelaide Hills since 1964! Every berry is hand picked and spray free, and grown in Uraidla.  Sam Virgara and his brothers have perfected their growing technique, they do not use pesticides, instead they use good bugs to manage pests and their water comes from a rich spring that is fed to the plants using drip irrigation so not a drop is wasted.

Micheal and his helpers are at the market each Saturday selling the biggest, juiciest  strawberries in punnets and trays. He also has raspberries available, which we guarantee that if you try them you will buy them!

You can find the Adelaide Hills Berry Farm outside at the market every Saturday.

ATTENDANCE: December – March

Trevallie Orchard - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder
Fenton Farm Fresh - Barossa Farmers Market stallholder

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