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Abelsway Farm relocated from WA, where they ran an organic chicken farm in the Chapman Valley. Now based in Hallelujah Hills, SA, they practice traditional and regenerative farming methods to manage the land; focusing on partnering with nature rather than working against it. Supporting biodiversity and better water retention in their crops, which nourish their animals. Happier animals; healthier, tastier meat.

They bring fresh chicken and lamb to the market every Saturday. Each week they will have whole chickens, chicken pieces and fresh lamb for you to take home and create a masterpiece.


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Barossa Bagels
Barossa Bagels

Meet Abelsway

Who: John & Hannah Royce (and our wonderful daughters)

Where are you based? In the Hallelujah Hills in the Mid North of SA.

A little history: Our business was established in 2009 in WA however went through major transformations in 2017 converting our farm from a conventional grain farm to a fully-certified organic farm using regenerative farming practices.  With a view to stack enterprises, we grew grain, had sheep, and cows and started learning about pasture raising meat chickens also.  We relocated to the Mid-North in January this year.  As we re-establish our business we are once again working hard to implement these practices and principles, and are enjoying the challenge of doing that in a new environment.

What products do you sell? Pastured raised chicken and lamb.  We also have pork, which are fed a mix of local grains.

What are your most popular products/produce?  Our pasture-raised ethically grown chicken.

How did you come to be a farmer and/or producer? John is a 5th generation farmer and was married to Hannah in 2005. We have been farming in one way or another since then.

Who encouraged and supported you to take the leap to start your business?  When it comes to a great idea – we don’t need much encouragement!

Who encouraged you to become a stallholder?  We had heard great things through our family about the Barossa Farmers Market, and as soon as we were able we visited the market where we met Helen and expressed our interest in becoming a stallholder.  Helen has been wonderful ever since.

Who/what inspires you?  That’s easy the who are Joel Salatin, Gabe Brown, Alan Savory, and two of our own homegrown – Peter Andrews & Colin Sies.

What are you personally most well known for?  Sticking together like peas and carrots.

How do you celebrate your success?  Success – Yes Please!

Do you have a favourite recipe that you could share with us?  Yes absolutely – our never fail crumbed chicken wings – I have not found anyone that doesn’t like them – including kids – Thanks Nan! – we will be posting the recipe here soon!

Could you share something interesting about your business and produce?  Yes, in the world of Ag we are definitely in the minority.  The things that determine our on-farm decisions are the long-term impacts and how they will affect the land for the future.  We want to always ensure that our animals are happy, healthy, and free to express their innate qualities, and we do this in a way that not only benefits the animal itself but also improves and regenerates the ecosystems they have had the pleasure of being on – ensuring we leave things better for generations to come.

What is your favourite story from a customer about how they use your produce?  We recently had beautiful birds that enjoyed an extended life and ended up being large and luscious. Someone roasted this incredibly nutritious well-fed pastured raised chicken and placed it next to a bought bbq chook – and well let’s just say that our Abelsway bird took the prize!

What advice do you share with your customers about your produce?  We often lead people to go looking for Joel Salatin videos for a comprehensive take on this style of farming and why it is good for the animals, good for the environment and ultimately good for us.  Our advice would be to get back to basics – rediscover the wonder of the natural world and be inspired.

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