Pre-order Online

1: Visit our online shop to create your pre-order shopping list

Orders open 6pm Sunday.

All orders must be submitted by Wednesday 6pm for Saturday pick up

2. Choose Pick Up method and pay drive-thru fee online

1. Pick up from the Market (free)
2. Zero contact Drive-Thru ($5)

3: Pay stallholders directly for goods ordered

Payment of produce not available online. Orders must be paid direct to stallholders. See stallholder contact sheet (given with completion of online order) for payment details.


4: Saturday Walk Thru or Drive Thru

1. Walk through the Market. Pay stallholder by tap & go.
2. Enter via Stockwell Rd for prepaid zero contact drive-thru.

Please note all items must be paid for through each stallholder not on BFM online. You will only be charged for drive-through pick up at the checkout.

Please see title or description of product for correct price. Where a product says $0.00, this a formality for our system, not the true price.