Events - Barossa Farmers Market

Barossa Vintage Festival – ‘Preserving Traditions’

When: Saturday 17 April 2021
Where: Barossa Farmers Market Shed
Price: $120 (includes two workshops and afternoon tea)

Join us at the Barossa Farmers Market to be immersed in food tradition. Throughout history, preserving has not only been used to prevent food wastage of surplus food and to minimise food insecurity, but it has also created a wide range of new food flavours for us to enjoy. Learn how to pickle and ferment in workshops held by local food experts. Between each workshop you’ll enjoy a delicious afternoon tea of local treats. Both workshops will be held from 12:30pm at the market on Saturday 17th April. From each workshop, you will also get to take home a jar each of fermented kim-jang and pickled veggies.

Workshop 1 (12:30-1:30pm):
Minka Park has a love for sharing Korean food and culture. She has many fond memories of making kimchi with her family and neighbours during Kim-jang (Korean Kimchi Festival). After moving to Australia in 2000, she brought with her these preserving skills using traditional fermentation techniques and now she is excited to pass on her knowledge. In this workshop you will learn how to make traditional kim-jang and take a jar home with you.

Afternoon Tea (1:30-2:15pm): local coffee, tea and cake provided.

Workshop 2 (2:15-3:15pm):
Seasonal produce has been the driving force in our Barossa food traditions for more than 100 years, and Fowlers Vacola preserving is an iconic technique used for making the most of that seasonal excess. Join Marieka and Sheralee from ‘Those Barossa Girls’ as they take you through the art of pickling, much like many Barossans used throughout the 1900’s. Your jar will be available to pick up during the market the following Saturday.

All ticket sales are through the Barossa Vintage Festival website. Click here to book your place.