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How to Become a Stallholder

We are always happy to welcome new stallholders to the Barossa Farmers Market. Our purpose is to provide a direct route to market for farmers and food producers and to strengthen the community connection to the local food chain.

As we are an authentic farmers market, it does mean that there is a selection criteria that needs to be met in order for you to become a stallholder.

We support more than 40 stallholders who bring a diverse range of seasonal, fresh, homegrown, and homemade produce.

The Barossa Farmers Market is a food and beverage only market, with a few exceptions.

Stallholder Criteria

You need to be based in South Australia and grow or make the food within the state. Priority will be given to applicants based in the Barossa area.
You need to have grown, produced, reared, created, baked or preserved the product you are selling.
You are required to show the provenance of your product. We will need to visit the property where you make, produce or rear your product and what ingredients you include in the items you wish to sell.
Stalls must be represented by you the producer and/or a representative who has a detailed knowledge of how the product was created and the steps involved in order to bring the product to market.
As the market promotes good environmental practices and sustainable agriculture, we will give priority to biodynamic, organic and minimal spray use.
Sustainability is important to us, so compostable or recyclable packaging is to be used where possible.

Did You Know?

We are one of the oldest running farmers market in South Australia, attracting around 1,000 shoppers every Saturday.
Many of our shoppers are regular customers who attend the market to purchase their weekly provisions.
We know work life balance is important, and we offer you the ability to trade weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
We also have a community stall available, so if you have grown too much in your veggie patch, we can provide you with a temporary market stall at a reduced rate.

Please Note: We cannot accept stallholder applications from craft, re-packagers, re-sellers or bric-a-brac traders. 

Applications to Include

Your ABN registration details.
A current Certificate of Currency (Insurance) for Public and Product Liability.
Food Business Notification number from your Council (if applicable).
Relevant Certificates of Accreditation relating to hygiene, transportation, food safety or organic status where applicable.

All applications need to be approved by the Board of the Barossa Farmers Market prior to commencement as a stallholder.

Please email your completed form to Barossa Farmers Market management team at  Allow at least 4 weeks for the Board to review your application.

Have More Questions?

Here are a few commonly asked questions about become a Stallholder. If you have further queries, please contact us at

I like what I've read and want to become a stallholder. How do I apply?

Please review our Market Stallholder Guidelines and complete an online application form. Once received, our Market Manager will contact you to discuss progressing your application.

Will I be given the same stall each week?

Yes, if you attend regularly, once a location is determined you will be in the same spot each time you attend the market.

However, please allow for changes in your first few attendances while we find the right location for you!

It may be necessary for the Market Manager to change your location due to the needs of the market, but plenty of notice will be given to help you relocate smoothly.

When can I have access to set up my stall for each market?

You can access the shed between 10.30am-4:30pm on Fridays and from 6am on Saturdays.

On what day do I have to advise if I will be attending the market that week?

You need to let the management team know if you are not attending by Thursday, 10am each week.

What are the fees involved in becoming a stallholder?

A 3m x 3m stall outside is $35 per week. You can have multiples of a 3m x 3m marquee and will be charged $35 per marquee.

A 2m wide inside stall is charged at $45 per week. If you need a wider stall, additional charges will apply.

Power can be provided, the cost to you will depend on the items you are using.

What if i decide being a stallholder is not for me. What notice do I have to give you?

1 weeks notice.

How do I become a Community Stallholder?

We offer a Community Stall to local residents who have grown too much produce in their garden or orchard, registered charities, local schools and community groups to sell their homemade or home grown products. If you would like to know more email

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